Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

1. General Provisions

1.1. Terms

The Casazela.сom Platform („Casazela“) is an internet resource about a property. Casazela is not a real estate agent neither, developer or agency. The aim of the Casazela is to connect sellers and potential buyers of the property.

Terms of Use („Terms“) means terms and conditions for usage of the Casazela for Visitors as well as their consent to the treatment of personal data, which is an integral part of these Terms (See more: Privacy Policy).

The Casazela.com Platform Visitor („Visitor“) is a person who uploads any page of the Casazela to any of their devices (personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone).

The Casazela Administration („Administration“) — APS Recovery a.s., ID: 03409422, Pobřežní 394/12, Karlín, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic (‘APS’)

Casazela Services („Services“) are services provided by Casazela to advertise and find property.

Partners of Casazela (Partners) — brokers, developers, real estate agencies, agents, and other companies that work with Casazela Platform and may interest Visitors aimed at buying property.

  • Buyer’s Agent — a Partner representing the Visitor in property choosing and buying in the alien country.
  • Seller’s Agent — a Partner representing the property object (objects) to be listed at the Casazela Platform.
  • Request — contact info on the property object left by the Visitor.

1.2. Casazela.com is operated exclusively by APS. By accessing Casazela Platform, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use set by APS and separate agreements. You are to agree to abide by provisions and resolutions related to the Casazela Platform and information listed here, and you bear full responsibility for any violations.

1.3. If Visitors decide to use the Services, they agree with the terms and conditions stated in the Terms.

1.4. The Casazela Platform only posts ads from Partners. In order to start cooperation with the Casazela Platform as a legal entity or in order to add your object to the platform, you must agree to the terms of the separate agreement.

2. The Casazela Administration

2.1. The Administration manages the Casazela and is entitled to change its layout, contents, and list of services at any time to change or add the employed scripts, software, content, and other objects used or stored at the Casazela Platform.

2.2. The Administration ensures the Casazela Platform functions on a round-the-clock basis.

2.3. The Administration is not to guarantee the absence of breaks for technical faults or preventive assistance.

3. Copyright

3.1. In respect of any posts, photographs/videos submitted by you for publication, you confirm that you own full title to such details and /or photographs, and you agree to grant a copyright license to APS. For property listings, you cannot use photographs from the estate agent’s particulars without their express permission – it is the Visitor and Partner's responsibility to ensure they have copyright over any materials supplied to us for publication on their behalf, and you agree to indemnify.

3.2. It´s strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, create derivative works, store electronically, transmit, or in any way exploit for commercial gains or otherwise any content or posted information on this website or any other advertisement or marketing without our written consent.

4. The Casazela Visitors

4.1. Visitors are entitled to use Casazela Services for searching and choosing property objects and for looking through any materials (photos, videos..).

4.2. You can register at Casazela for ongoing usage of the Caszela Platform. During registration, you are to fill in your actual email that will be used for further communication.

5. Property Object Request

5.1. In case of interest in any property object on the website, please leave a Request for a real estate agency — the actual seller of the property object. The contacts specified in the Request must be accurate and belong to you.

5.2. After you have left a Request, you will receive a notification about this. You explicitly agree to further transfer your contact details to the Partner, after which all your communication takes place with him (the Partner).

5.3. If you want to work with the Seller's Broker directly without the participation of a Partner from your region, you should be ready to collect the documents necessary for the purchase, agree on the viewing time, study the documents of the property and purchase conditions, find out information about the amount of the commission, request additional information on the amount of payments for the maintenance of real estate, tax burden, obtaining citizenship or residence permit, etc.

5.4 If you decide to use the networks of our Partners and your interest in being represented by an agency (Buyer's Broker), you will be supported by Partner with your region with the preparation of documentation, obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, and help with maintenance of real estate.

5.5. If any difficulties in implementing your plans to purchase a property displayed on the platform occur, then immediately report this to the Administration at the following address: info@casazela.

6. Responsibility

6.1. Partners and Visitors are responsible for all information that they submit and any consequences that may result from the information posted, and Casazela platform is not responsible for the information provided in the ads.

6.2. The factual accuracy of the information supplied for publication on this site is the responsibility of the Partner/Visitor and you agree to indemnify APS against any claims or expenses arising from misleading or inaccurate claims made by you about the property within the advertising published.

6.3. Casazela reserves the right to refuse or delete postings that we believe are inappropriate.

6.4. In case you notice the property advertisement violating the law or these Terms, please notify to: info@casazela.

6.5. The Casazela platform not guarantee the results of the Partners' work on your application for the purchase of a property. Your relationship with the Partners will be governed by the concluded agreement for the purchase of real estate with the respective Partner.

6.6. All relations between you and the agency that represents you (Buyer's Broker) are governed by the relevant agreements and laws of the country in which they (agreements) were concluded.

7. Processing of Personal Data

7.1. More information about the methods and purposes of personal data processing can be found Privacy Policy.

7.2. More information about using cookies in our Casazela platform can be found in our Cookie Policy.

8. Change of Terms

8.1. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to change these Terms at any time without prior notice to you. Any changes will be posted at www.casazela.com/terms-and-conditions and become effective at the time of posting. Your continued use of the Services after the effective date of such changes will constitute acceptance of and agreement to any such changes. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue all or part of the Services at any time to you and/or others, with or without notice. We shall not be liable to you or any other party should we exercise our right to modify, suspend, or discontinue all or part of the Services.

9. Jurisdiction

Any dispute pertaining to the provision of our Services is subject to the laws of Czech republic.


In no event do we accept liability of any description for the posting of any unlawful, abusive, defamatory, threatening, obscene, or indecent information or material of any kind which violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, including without limitation, any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law.